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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Collective Haul 12.10.08 and Review

Hey there! So.. yes, I have a collective haul. All products from items I have gotten since the last haul video I did, which was a VERRRRY long time!

SO, here goes!

-Jane Loose Powder. I got this after I used the NYC loose powder, which I use not only to lock in another foundation, but also using it as a foundation in itself. I was curious as to whether or not this would be better than NYC because of $ and in general, known to be a better quality of make up. Right?
*Comparing it to NYC Loose Powder*
-I found this to be more pink than the NYC powder in a medium shade, which was the darkest shade they had.
-This powder, for me, seems to be more difficult to blend.
-The lid of this package is pretty loose, which isn't all that great because if you have a tendency to drop things at great heights, there goes your product.
-With all these issues and my personal preference, I paid more for this product while NYC is cheaper.

-NYC Lipsticks. I purchased these when it was buy one get one 1/2 off, usually I wouldn't buy these at a sale like this because it almost doesn't seem worth it. However, since this brand sells uber cheap, I thought, "What the heck?"
-So, I bought 2 types of lipsticks: Ultra moist l/s in Cafe and Mahogany, as well as the long lasting l/s in Garnet and Caramel.
*I am quite surprised with these lipsticks!!!! It is so cheap and I find them to be sooo smooth and creamy. The color pay off is exquisite with a delightful shimmer. :o) LOVES it! ...AND, Garnet has become a color I truly love; it is a deep deep red with a hint of brown. I never wear any shade of red because of my skin tone, BUT, this is a color that I am in love with and I've found a red l/s that works for me!
-Creamy texture
-Great shimmer and color pay off
-True as advertised (long-lasting, moisturizing)
-VERY affordable! ($.99-$1.99)

ULTRA MOIST: Mahogany and Cafe

LONG LASTING: Caramel and Garnet

-Wet N' Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powders (Blushes). These blushes come in a variety of colors as stripes. They also come in part shimmer and part matte, which gives you the option of a shimmer or matte finish, using separate colors. In using separate colors, there is the option of controlling the color outcome.
-color control
-shimmer and matte finish
-glowy finish as advertised
-Buildable color
-Around $3.49ish

The ones that I bought were: Catwalk pink, Spotlight Peach, and Strike-a-pose Rose.

*Strike-a-pose Rose gives a nice rosey brown color, which I find to works beautifully with tan and warmer skin tones because it is so pigmented and dark. So use a light hand. Speaking of dark, there was also another one, a dark tan/brown, which I didn't buy because "pose rose" is somewhat dark for me already and I wouldn't want to go darker.

*Catwalk Pink is the newest of these glows to my collection. I find this to be subtle in color, so in order for it to really show up I need to put a lot on. With that, I get a lot of shimmer. That's not always a plus, but the color looks great and with the added shimmer, it just looks like I'm super glowy. If you are of a lighter color, this would probably show up better on you. ...Overall, I like this color even though it takes more product.

*Spotlight peach is one of my faves. It is a coral blush and is not as dark as "pose rose". It is pigmented and shimmery as well. This is one of my favorite blushes because it's the perfect balance of a pinky tone with some brown undertone... so there is this glow. I just love it and I am sure you will too!

(spotlight peach, strike-a-pose-rose, Catwalk pink)

-Jane Blushing Blossom. Jane blushes are one of my fave, this is one of the first brands I got into and I fell in love with Blushing Babydoll. Blushing Blossom is a nice deep pink, which I use to brighten and flush my face. :) It is such a great color to portray this innocent vibe.. in my opinion ;) hehe.
-Smooth application, easy to blend
-matte finish
-affordable at Rite-Aid: about $3.69ish?

-NYX Blush-Copper. This dark isn't as intimidating as it appears to be in the pan. I ordered this online thinking that it would be another color, but it was darker than expected.. However, it isn't really that bad or scary!! It works great as a bronzer and just for that J-lo glow... I don't know, it just gives an extra umph to the face and makes you look like you just got this sun-kissed tan.
-frosty color
-easy to blend, soft
-about $4-$5 depending on store

-NYX Round lippies. On this online website, I also ordered some of the NYX round lipsticks out of curiosity. They were selling for $1, so again, why not. I bought them in Frosted Beige, Iris, and Earth Angel.
-Creamy and moisturizing
-not long lasting
-smudges onto other surfaces and stains clothes
-frosty and pigmented
-$1-$2 depending

(Left to right: Frosted Beige, Iris, and Earth Angel)

-NYX Ultra Pearl Mania piggies.

(Sky Pink, Lime, Orange, Yellow Gold, Lilac, White Pearl, Pearl, Turquoise, Fanta)

I like this, but I feel that it could be better, but I mean, for the price that you pay
-Highly pigmented/intense color vibrancy
-Several colors to choose from
-Crappy packaging, too small of a hole.
-Unable to be pressed w/alcohol. Needs to be pressed with a binder
-Pigment is lightweight so it flies everywhere

Swatches with UDPP:

-NYX Jumbo pencil- Rust.

-Colors come in a number of colors
-Creamy texture
-Extremely easy to blend
-Intense colors and works great as a base
-WILL crease on you, so use a good base!
-Ranging around $2-3

-NYX trio. I really like these, I really need to go back and some more! ...Also, I found this trio to be similar to the MAC-Spiced Chocolate quad without the highlight. So yea, these are a nice dupe for the colors in that quad.

(Golden, Rust, Walnut Bronze)

-These shadows are like a creamy texture, which reminds me of MAC-Amber Lights.
-Colors are pigmented and soft
-Very shimmery
-Good shadows for affordable price ($6-$4)

-Maybelline duos. I got these from Target when they were having a sale. I am not too crazy about these shadows...

(swatch with NO base- Grey, Sea Foam)
-Again, a number of colors are provided... (singles, quads, etc)
-Really have to pack on the color to get it to show, so use a good base.
-Not that smooth and soft

For the price I paid for them, I cannot complain. I am not crazy about them, they could be better, but whatever..

-Sephora glitter l/s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE these lipsticks.
I am a person who loves shimmery lips ....and glitters in general, so I saw these and fell in love with em. My friend bought me these and I love it. I've been using it so often and I'm almost out!
Gotta check it out.. and lemme know what you think!

-Uber soft and moisturizing
-Long lasting color
-$6-$12 at Sephora

Darker one: N37. Lighter one: N33.

-MAC look-alike lipgloss. I got lucky when I found these at the mall that day. They really did remind me of MAC lipglosses and it was sooo cheap! I really want to go back and get some more... there was this gorgeous purple and a nice cafe brown. Gotta get me hands on em!!! :) :)

-Long-lasting glosses
-Sparkly and shiny

EDM samples. I wasn't too sure about this the 2nd time, but I thought, what the heck... why not. I got them in Sandy Olive Matte Finish, Medium Tan semi-matte finish, and Neutral matte finish. Along with daydream blush and multitasking concealor.

(Sandy Olive, Neutral, Medium Tan) (Daydream blush [top right], multitasking)

Jane Mineral Wear.

Mineral eyes:
-not so pigmented
-glitters: semi-chunky

Mineral Face:
-Blend well into the skin
-Feel so soft on the face; smooth texture

Mineral Lips:
-nice colors
-Frosty and matte
-long lasting

Mineral Blush:
-Super pigmented
-Matte and shimmer
-Gives healthy glow
-Blendable and soft

Mineral Bronzer:
-nice for that j-lo glow :)

This was $10 at Right-Aid. Limited Edition.

Here are the other stuff I bought:

Neutrogena Eye Make up Remover:
-Removes everything, even if waterproof
-No Oily residue
-Moisturizing feel and cooling

LOVE THIS STUFF! :) So much better compared to my Maybelline expert eye wear remover. ...This is, like, oil and you are rubbing it on your eyes. ..and I have oily skin already, so I'm rubbing more oil on my face? So yea, not much of a fan of this stuff, but use it for quick clean ups.

Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine Mop brush
-Comparable tot he MAC 239
-Great shadow brush
-Blends nicely
-Distributes color evenly

-all moisturizing
-gives a nice sheen
-takes good
-feels great on the lips!

This was a REALLY long blog for a REALLY big haul!

Thanks for reading.



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