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Friday, January 30, 2009

Valentine's Day Look #2

Here's my SECOND Valentine's Day Look..
Hopefully it's better than the other one. :)
-I didn't edit the video yet... I did make a tutorial on this... so hang tight for that one-
I recently purchased some new MAC shadows as well, so I wanted to incorporate a look using these colors, which led me to another V-day look! :)
I really hope you girlies like it!!! :) :)

(Pix are below as usual)

MAC: Gorgeous Gold (Veluxe Pearl)
MAC: Passionate (matte)
MAC: Silver Ring (VP)
MAC: Shroom (satin)
Victoria Secret: Beauty Rush-Twinkled Pink
HIP black cream liner
Caboodles glitter

Clean and Clear Moisturizer: Morning Glow
EDM: Olive Medium-Intensive Foundation

beauty rush: Red delicious

Valentine's Day Look #1

Hey all, so.. Valentine's Day is just around the corner.
As we know, there is only 1 day left of January and there's a lot of buzz of what to wear for that "special" day. hahaha. I made this look inspired by Valentine's Day colors. You know, the reds, pinks, purples, etc. ...The girly colors.
Then, I also added a heart to just be a tad bit more festive and girly :)
-It would also be nice if it were a heart sticker or something. :)
...Let your imagination and creativity run wild
Hope you like the look
(pix below)

MAC: Bare Study paint pot
120 palette
-shimmery silver
-matte hot pink
-matte deep pink
-matte violet
-shimmery white
HIP black cream liner
define-a-lash mascara

120 palette:
-matte red
-shimmery red
Caboodles glitter

Feeling Blue: Should I make a tutorial?

Hey all, so.. yeah, I'm trying to catch up on these blogs.
I know I said that I was going to try to keep up to date with these, but I tend to just shoot em all out at the same time!

In any case, I tried to do this look in a tutorial, but I didn't like how it the video and overall the whole look a lot.. I took pix and such, just for documentation sake.
Should I give this look another shot and kind of tweak it a lil bit? Tutorial worthy?
I don't know..
(I also had crimped my hair)

UDPP/TFSI (whichever)
Maybelline cream shadow quad: light blue
120 palette:
-light blue
-medium blue
-deep blue
HIP black cream liner
Define-a-lash mascara

Cover girl foundation- 240 beige?
Clean and Clear concealer
Studio fix NC43
LDL "bronzer"

Playing with Make Up ;)

So, as usual, I was roaming youtube and watching my favorite gurus.
I saw Fafinettex3's video, you know, the one with Sketch and Shale? Yea. that one!
I thought that this is would be an awesome look for me to try out since I have both these colors! I've had Mac-shale eyeshadow for awhile, but I just ignored it for some odd reason. So yea, I have reason to use it now! :)
This is how it came out...
should I do a tutorial/video response on this?

TFSI (Too faced shadow insurance)
MAC: shale
MAC: sketch
MAC: Vanilla
HIP Black cream liner
Maybelline define-a-lash mascara

Later on, after playing around with it.. and adding onto it just for kicks. I also had bought a 26 palette from coastal scents and played with it too.. this is what it became! :)
Here's what I added on:

26 palette from CS:
-a gold
-a dirty gold
More HIP black liner

Wet N' Wild: Cream Rose/Rosy Illuminating Glo


Sephora Glitter l/s #?

lol, the day that I did this video.. I felt like I needed a hair cut. So, me and my crazy self... decided to cut my own hair.
I just ended up trimming my hair... and creating many many layers, to create chunkiness and choppy volume. My hair was sooo poofy that I wanted it to be choppy with layers, but not like a blob of puff.
Here's is what the back sorta looks like:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ben Nye Rainbow Eyes

Hey all,
I wanted to do a look heading into Spring and incorporating my Ben Nye Shadows, which are more vibrant and very Spring appropriate. :)

Enjoy! Hope you like it!

Face: *from the Foundation Application video*
Clean and Clean Morning Burst facial cleanser
Eurecin SPF Moisturizer
Monistat Chafing Relief Gel
CG Naturally Beige-240 Liquid foundation
CG/Clean and Clear concealer-light
MAC Studio Fix Powder NC43
LDL Bronzer/Blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Palette:
-Sun Yellow
-Royal Blue
HIP Black Cream liner
CG Lash Blast

Burts Bees-Pomegranate (Before video)
NYX- Iris
ELF- Fairy Light lipgloss

INSANE Bargain Buys!

Okay, so one day.. :) .. I was heading over to the mall, like a good make up addict. hahaha, but then I backed out because there was a lot of construction on the way over there and I didn't feel like having to wait in a line... So on the route to go to the mall, there's a Walgreens; I turned around in a huge circle and went into Walgreens because I mean, I knew that I was low in some general cleaning stuff and just curious if there were any sales.

My initial expression walking into Walgreens: 0_0 WHAT is THAT?! hehe

There are sooo many orange tags/stickers in this whole aisle...
Now, I was really intending on buying cosmetics, but c'mon, when there is a sale.. THERE'S A SALE! ....and to my surprise, this was worthwhile! ..Original prices that were around $5-$7 were selling for around $1.59. That's pretty crazy, so I decided to peruse the area and make some decisions.. not to be careless about my purchases.

Pep Talk to Myself:
Gotta remember and keep in mind while shopping,
...So on and so forth.
For us students out there... without jobs... money is hard to come by, so must be careful when purchasing goods.

...and I mean, not only did I restrain myself, but it helped that majority of the things that were on sale, were already sold out. ...That helped with the temptation.

I did manage to buy a couple blushes, lippies, and other things for the room/hygeine.

3 Covergirl Trushine
1 Jane Mosaic Shimmer Blush: Peony
1 Wet N' Wild Mega Glo Illuminator: Rosy/Rose
2 Scissors
1 Butterfly Jaw Clip
1 HUGE Sanitizer
1 pack of pens
1 pack of pencils
1 hot iron sleeve

San Diego Trip 1.11.09

So, another trip.. we went to so many places in one day and it was just so nice.
I went there to visit my brother before he actually starts school because he wont be coming for months and such. :(

We went to his apartment, which is near his school.. and I was really surprised because there were so many apartment units and stuff. I don't know, random. But, ANYwho...

Went to:
*The Pier-for lunch
*La Jolla Beach
*Downtown La Jolla
*La Jolla Cove

My most favorite places were the Beach and the Cove.

First off, lemme just say.. the sand was amazing. It's like, so soft that it's hard. Hard enough to walk without trouble... I saw someone bike on it. :) ...So yea, pretty nice. ...and perfect sand castle building consistency. hehehe. :) ..I plan to go there again for my Spring Vacay!
..Also, the water here is really clear and blue. Gorgeous waters.... and SUCH a clean beach! The trash, seaweed and stuff were so minimal compared to the other ones that I remember.

THERE ARE SEALS! ...SOO many of em, it was so awesome. I've seen seals before when I kayaked in this one place, but I don't know, this was just as nice. Definitely something to check out.

I think that's all I can say for nowww...

Vegas Trip December 28-29, 2008 and Babble

This is a lil random compared to my other posts, but I just thought that I'd put this here..

My Vegas trip, which I forgot that I had, but I guess better late than never..
I WAS disappointed because while I was there, most of my pix were deleted somehow and the pictures that I have shown are the ones that I took the 2nd part of the trip.

Here, I saw some of the water show at Bellagio as well as going to a chocolate/crepe store, which also holds the BIGGEST chocolate fountain ever! ...and the desserts taste JUST as good as they look! ...and.. DO NOT be fooled at how little that duo chocolate cake looked like.. my brother and I couldn't even finish it because it was sooo rich.

(Pix here)

On this trip I also did do a lot of shopping in the Caesar's Palace Forum, sadly those pictures got erased... but I saw a huge fish aquarium there, which was really nice... and they have a butt load of shops there too! ...INCLUDING MAC =] I did manage to go there and grab me Bare Study Paint Pot and Ricepaper Eyeshadow. Another make up buy was the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale, where they had 75% off of their selected cosmetics. I did go a lil crazy here and made 2 trips. On the first trip there, I picked up 3 mosaic eyeshadows. Original price was $18, I got it for around $4.25?!?!? Pretty crazy... my mom did too, she bought a lot of the perfume/lotion packages.. hehehe. Let's see, the 2nd trip I wanted to get more of the mosiac packs, but they were ALL gone... all except 1, which I had to grab! ..And my mom also let me get 3 of those shadow liner thingys.

(Note: Include Pix Here)

Let's seee....
while there, I did manage to do a lot of reading, because I couldn't really sleep..

I'm currently reading Breaking Dawn, which is the 4th book of the Twilight series. So far, REALLY good!!! As of today, I'm around the 500 page.. and there's about 700 pages in the book. I believe this is the longest book of the series, but trust me.. even though it's long... it is SOOO worth it!

I believe that it for nowww...
This trip was just another family one.. shopping, eating, walking, touring.

Thanks for reading

Foundation Application

Products Used:

Before filming:
Wash: Clean and Clear-Morning burst facial cleanser
Moisturizer: Eurecin (sp?) with spf 30

Monistat Chafing Relief Gel (used as face primer)-NOT FOR YEAST INFECTION!!!
Cover Girl-Fragrance Free Liquid Foundation 240-Naturally Beige
Clean and Clear/Cover Girl Concealer-Light
MAC Studio Fix Powder: NC43
LDL Bronzer/Blush


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