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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Holiday Eyes #2

Hey all,
here's another holiday look I did before xmas using my 120 palette from ebay.

Here's what I did:
*Prime lids as always
*With Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine Mop brush, grab a matte white and place from lid to brow bone
*With a med. fluffy brush, get a red and blend into the crease
*With a larger fluffy brush, grab a shimmery white highlight color
*Then with a small pencil brush, get a dark shimmery green under the lashline

*Line eyes with fave eyeliner (HIP Black cream liner)
*Curl lashes and add mascara (Lashblast= amazing)

Not shown:
Face- NYC loose powder in Naturally Beige
LDL Coral blush
Lips- Burt's Bees Pomegranate Chapstick

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So, I went to the MAC counter...

A little less then a week ago, I went to the mall because of all this Christmas shopping madness... and of course, as a make up addict.. went to the MAC counter. :)
I couldn't help but look at all the goodies, do swatches and decide what colors I want because my friend wanted to know what colors I was interested in and stuff.. so I had to decide.
...but, not only that.. I've been interested with a good foundation.
I saw videos of people raving about Studio Tech and Studio Fix powder compacts.. so, I had to check it out myself.

I asked one of the MAC MA's to help me with a shade and asked some questions about which to choose... and Studio Tech tends to stay a cream... and not really to a matte finish, which is also what some youtube members had said also. Also, that those with oily to combination skin... it is most recommended to use the Studio Fix.
He tested the Studio Fix on me in NC43...and, I don't mean to sound conceited, but my skin looked flawless. ...I did think that he did use a lot of product because looking close up, it looked kinda cakey, but after a few more days with it.. I made it work and I love it.

What I use to apply it varies on how much coverage I want and all that good stuff..
To prevent a cakey look I use a stippling brush, like what the MA used on me, and then I also like to use my buffer brush to prevent any powdery look to it. ...This would be easier if I had Fix+... but gotta work with what ya got! :)

So yea! That was my most recent/exciting purchase..

I really get depressed with the MAC prices.. ol, $28 for a MAC foundation powder.. ouch.
But, I mean, for the money you pay... you know it's good stuff...

*It feels so smooth on the skin
*blends out nicely...
*giving nice coverage

*After some hours, will get oily-so gotta use a blot powder
*Tends to smudge onto other stuff (fingers.. clothing)
*can get cakey with too much product-so use a light hand

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Make Up Look: Ben Nye Purples

So, I had been busy annnd I didn't get to make a tutorial on this look...
But, I wanted to wear something bright and daring.

Ben Nye Purpley Eyes :)

*With my Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine Mop Brush- took BN Fuchsia shadow onto lid and blend out
*Same brush-take BN Amethyst into the outer V
*Then to darken it up and define the eyes a bit, I took Jane-Clubbin into the crease, which made a dark purple.
*Then I took MAC-Vanilla shadow and blended it down into the other colors

*Line the eyes with fave eyeliner-of course I'm gonna use HIP Black Cream Liner
-line the top lash line as well as the waterline
*Curl lashes and add mascara of your preference

*NYC-Naturally Beige Loose Powder
*LDL-Coral blush

*Burts Bee's-Pomegranate

Christmas Holiday Eyes #1

Sorry I've been gone for sometime, but I'm here for now!
Today, I made a tutorial for Christmas eyes... super easy and fun!

I used the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer palette..

Here's what I did:

*Apply base as usual (UDPP)

*Using a Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine Mop Brush- Grab a medium/dark green shadow and place all over the lid
*with a mini pencil brush-grab some silver and place on the inner 1/3 and duct
*with that same brush-get the same med/dark green and run it on lower lashline
*With the ELF shadow brush-I took the rich red shadow and placed it into the crease
*Big fluffy brush-to blend out the red a bit more
*With the same brush-grab highlight, with pink duo-chrome, and buff into brow bone.
*Blend it down into the red

*Then I used HIP cream liner in black, lining both top lashline and waterline
*Curl lashes (ELF curler)
*Apply 2 coats mascara-Lash Blast

*Then apply foundation and lippies as desired!! :)
^I didn't demonstrate this in the video...

This is what I put:

NYC-Naturally Beige Loose Powder
NYX-Terracotta blush

Blistex-medicated lip balm
B.G. Bigelow-Cranberry Cocktail gloss
(^applied later^)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MAC Holiday Set Sale!!!!

Ok, so I wanted to fill you in on this amazing opportunity!
...They rarely have sales/discounts and.. c'mon, how can you pass this up?
Save 25% on Holiday sets...

The palettes, the brushes, the glosses...
All except the lipstick palettes from what I see on the website, ok?
-MAC counters
-MAC free-standing stores

GO check it out!
You wont be sorry.. and these are just... agh!.. agh! ... I want me some! lol

Hurry before it's gone.
Time is running out...


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Collective Haul 12.10.08 and Review

Hey there! So.. yes, I have a collective haul. All products from items I have gotten since the last haul video I did, which was a VERRRRY long time!

SO, here goes!

-Jane Loose Powder. I got this after I used the NYC loose powder, which I use not only to lock in another foundation, but also using it as a foundation in itself. I was curious as to whether or not this would be better than NYC because of $ and in general, known to be a better quality of make up. Right?
*Comparing it to NYC Loose Powder*
-I found this to be more pink than the NYC powder in a medium shade, which was the darkest shade they had.
-This powder, for me, seems to be more difficult to blend.
-The lid of this package is pretty loose, which isn't all that great because if you have a tendency to drop things at great heights, there goes your product.
-With all these issues and my personal preference, I paid more for this product while NYC is cheaper.

-NYC Lipsticks. I purchased these when it was buy one get one 1/2 off, usually I wouldn't buy these at a sale like this because it almost doesn't seem worth it. However, since this brand sells uber cheap, I thought, "What the heck?"
-So, I bought 2 types of lipsticks: Ultra moist l/s in Cafe and Mahogany, as well as the long lasting l/s in Garnet and Caramel.
*I am quite surprised with these lipsticks!!!! It is so cheap and I find them to be sooo smooth and creamy. The color pay off is exquisite with a delightful shimmer. :o) LOVES it! ...AND, Garnet has become a color I truly love; it is a deep deep red with a hint of brown. I never wear any shade of red because of my skin tone, BUT, this is a color that I am in love with and I've found a red l/s that works for me!
-Creamy texture
-Great shimmer and color pay off
-True as advertised (long-lasting, moisturizing)
-VERY affordable! ($.99-$1.99)

ULTRA MOIST: Mahogany and Cafe

LONG LASTING: Caramel and Garnet

-Wet N' Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powders (Blushes). These blushes come in a variety of colors as stripes. They also come in part shimmer and part matte, which gives you the option of a shimmer or matte finish, using separate colors. In using separate colors, there is the option of controlling the color outcome.
-color control
-shimmer and matte finish
-glowy finish as advertised
-Buildable color
-Around $3.49ish

The ones that I bought were: Catwalk pink, Spotlight Peach, and Strike-a-pose Rose.

*Strike-a-pose Rose gives a nice rosey brown color, which I find to works beautifully with tan and warmer skin tones because it is so pigmented and dark. So use a light hand. Speaking of dark, there was also another one, a dark tan/brown, which I didn't buy because "pose rose" is somewhat dark for me already and I wouldn't want to go darker.

*Catwalk Pink is the newest of these glows to my collection. I find this to be subtle in color, so in order for it to really show up I need to put a lot on. With that, I get a lot of shimmer. That's not always a plus, but the color looks great and with the added shimmer, it just looks like I'm super glowy. If you are of a lighter color, this would probably show up better on you. ...Overall, I like this color even though it takes more product.

*Spotlight peach is one of my faves. It is a coral blush and is not as dark as "pose rose". It is pigmented and shimmery as well. This is one of my favorite blushes because it's the perfect balance of a pinky tone with some brown undertone... so there is this glow. I just love it and I am sure you will too!

(spotlight peach, strike-a-pose-rose, Catwalk pink)

-Jane Blushing Blossom. Jane blushes are one of my fave, this is one of the first brands I got into and I fell in love with Blushing Babydoll. Blushing Blossom is a nice deep pink, which I use to brighten and flush my face. :) It is such a great color to portray this innocent vibe.. in my opinion ;) hehe.
-Smooth application, easy to blend
-matte finish
-affordable at Rite-Aid: about $3.69ish?

-NYX Blush-Copper. This dark isn't as intimidating as it appears to be in the pan. I ordered this online thinking that it would be another color, but it was darker than expected.. However, it isn't really that bad or scary!! It works great as a bronzer and just for that J-lo glow... I don't know, it just gives an extra umph to the face and makes you look like you just got this sun-kissed tan.
-frosty color
-easy to blend, soft
-about $4-$5 depending on store

-NYX Round lippies. On this online website, I also ordered some of the NYX round lipsticks out of curiosity. They were selling for $1, so again, why not. I bought them in Frosted Beige, Iris, and Earth Angel.
-Creamy and moisturizing
-not long lasting
-smudges onto other surfaces and stains clothes
-frosty and pigmented
-$1-$2 depending

(Left to right: Frosted Beige, Iris, and Earth Angel)

-NYX Ultra Pearl Mania piggies.

(Sky Pink, Lime, Orange, Yellow Gold, Lilac, White Pearl, Pearl, Turquoise, Fanta)

I like this, but I feel that it could be better, but I mean, for the price that you pay
-Highly pigmented/intense color vibrancy
-Several colors to choose from
-Crappy packaging, too small of a hole.
-Unable to be pressed w/alcohol. Needs to be pressed with a binder
-Pigment is lightweight so it flies everywhere

Swatches with UDPP:

-NYX Jumbo pencil- Rust.

-Colors come in a number of colors
-Creamy texture
-Extremely easy to blend
-Intense colors and works great as a base
-WILL crease on you, so use a good base!
-Ranging around $2-3

-NYX trio. I really like these, I really need to go back and some more! ...Also, I found this trio to be similar to the MAC-Spiced Chocolate quad without the highlight. So yea, these are a nice dupe for the colors in that quad.

(Golden, Rust, Walnut Bronze)

-These shadows are like a creamy texture, which reminds me of MAC-Amber Lights.
-Colors are pigmented and soft
-Very shimmery
-Good shadows for affordable price ($6-$4)

-Maybelline duos. I got these from Target when they were having a sale. I am not too crazy about these shadows...

(swatch with NO base- Grey, Sea Foam)
-Again, a number of colors are provided... (singles, quads, etc)
-Really have to pack on the color to get it to show, so use a good base.
-Not that smooth and soft

For the price I paid for them, I cannot complain. I am not crazy about them, they could be better, but whatever..

-Sephora glitter l/s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE these lipsticks.
I am a person who loves shimmery lips ....and glitters in general, so I saw these and fell in love with em. My friend bought me these and I love it. I've been using it so often and I'm almost out!
Gotta check it out.. and lemme know what you think!

-Uber soft and moisturizing
-Long lasting color
-$6-$12 at Sephora

Darker one: N37. Lighter one: N33.

-MAC look-alike lipgloss. I got lucky when I found these at the mall that day. They really did remind me of MAC lipglosses and it was sooo cheap! I really want to go back and get some more... there was this gorgeous purple and a nice cafe brown. Gotta get me hands on em!!! :) :)

-Long-lasting glosses
-Sparkly and shiny

EDM samples. I wasn't too sure about this the 2nd time, but I thought, what the heck... why not. I got them in Sandy Olive Matte Finish, Medium Tan semi-matte finish, and Neutral matte finish. Along with daydream blush and multitasking concealor.

(Sandy Olive, Neutral, Medium Tan) (Daydream blush [top right], multitasking)

Jane Mineral Wear.

Mineral eyes:
-not so pigmented
-glitters: semi-chunky

Mineral Face:
-Blend well into the skin
-Feel so soft on the face; smooth texture

Mineral Lips:
-nice colors
-Frosty and matte
-long lasting

Mineral Blush:
-Super pigmented
-Matte and shimmer
-Gives healthy glow
-Blendable and soft

Mineral Bronzer:
-nice for that j-lo glow :)

This was $10 at Right-Aid. Limited Edition.

Here are the other stuff I bought:

Neutrogena Eye Make up Remover:
-Removes everything, even if waterproof
-No Oily residue
-Moisturizing feel and cooling

LOVE THIS STUFF! :) So much better compared to my Maybelline expert eye wear remover. ...This is, like, oil and you are rubbing it on your eyes. ..and I have oily skin already, so I'm rubbing more oil on my face? So yea, not much of a fan of this stuff, but use it for quick clean ups.

Loew Cornell 3/8 Maxine Mop brush
-Comparable tot he MAC 239
-Great shadow brush
-Blends nicely
-Distributes color evenly

-all moisturizing
-gives a nice sheen
-takes good
-feels great on the lips!

This was a REALLY long blog for a REALLY big haul!

Thanks for reading.


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