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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So, I went to the MAC counter...

A little less then a week ago, I went to the mall because of all this Christmas shopping madness... and of course, as a make up addict.. went to the MAC counter. :)
I couldn't help but look at all the goodies, do swatches and decide what colors I want because my friend wanted to know what colors I was interested in and stuff.. so I had to decide.
...but, not only that.. I've been interested with a good foundation.
I saw videos of people raving about Studio Tech and Studio Fix powder compacts.. so, I had to check it out myself.

I asked one of the MAC MA's to help me with a shade and asked some questions about which to choose... and Studio Tech tends to stay a cream... and not really to a matte finish, which is also what some youtube members had said also. Also, that those with oily to combination skin... it is most recommended to use the Studio Fix.
He tested the Studio Fix on me in NC43...and, I don't mean to sound conceited, but my skin looked flawless. ...I did think that he did use a lot of product because looking close up, it looked kinda cakey, but after a few more days with it.. I made it work and I love it.

What I use to apply it varies on how much coverage I want and all that good stuff..
To prevent a cakey look I use a stippling brush, like what the MA used on me, and then I also like to use my buffer brush to prevent any powdery look to it. ...This would be easier if I had Fix+... but gotta work with what ya got! :)

So yea! That was my most recent/exciting purchase..

I really get depressed with the MAC prices.. ol, $28 for a MAC foundation powder.. ouch.
But, I mean, for the money you pay... you know it's good stuff...

*It feels so smooth on the skin
*blends out nicely...
*giving nice coverage

*After some hours, will get oily-so gotta use a blot powder
*Tends to smudge onto other stuff (fingers.. clothing)
*can get cakey with too much product-so use a light hand



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