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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pressing Mineral Shadows- Updated / Review

So- I recently got the Coastal Scents EZ PREZ Pressing Medium.
I WAS entirely excited to get this product because I had so many shadows to press and I couldn't even really use my MAC palettes b/c of all the mess I had from various shadows. Seeing how it's used and it's claim of effectiveness, I was hoping that I'd get clean up the mess.

First thing:
-When I first got it, I immediately noticed the packaging. The packaging is different than it used to be. It used to be in this nifty little glue bottle container, now it's in one of those $1 bottles that you can get from Target. Sure, I suppose that they needed to decrease the product quality b/c of supply and demand.. and having to spend less money in order to produce more. Whateves, I wasn't too thrilled with the packaging because that seems to be the cause of problems: A, B, C, etc.

-As the package wasn't one thing, it came in a ziplock bag. I understand the basis, which did work... SORT OF. ...1/3 of the product came out of the bottle, leading it floating around in its own product, sitting in the baggie. I was more than disappointed with how it came in this condition. It came 1/3 empty b/c of spilled product DUE to the packaging opening. I wasn't too too erked because I managed to use a suction of some sort to collect what was in the bag back into the bottle; however, it is still frustrating.

-Not only is it lame to have a liquid product to open... and to have it sitting in a bag with it's own stuff... but, like most things, it getting all over the place. The bag wasn't THAT much effective. It still managed to seep within the box, and spreading it to the other stuff. (the other bag of pressing medium, as well as the sample they gave, which was glitter...)

-This product, not only spreading.. is OILY! SO, I'm even more annoyed that it's an oily substance going all over the place. MESSY MESSY SITUATION. 0_0

-It's oily and I'm sure that's what binds the loose shadow together, which works awesome. I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome of the shadow.
*TIP: Don't overdo putting the medium into your shadow because it will waste the product, as well as the shadow b/c you're just going to muddy it up.

The After math?
-It's been about 2 weeks to a month since I've pressed my shadows with this medium.. So far, so good. I haven't had anymore oil rise up because we do have it absorb into the cloth when pressing it afterwards. The texture of the shadow itself is creamy, not messy and loose, and it also appears to be even more vibrant compared to it before.

The product gets a 4/5
the packaging gets 2/5

You can get this product on Coastal Scents..



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