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Friday, January 16, 2009

Vegas Trip December 28-29, 2008 and Babble

This is a lil random compared to my other posts, but I just thought that I'd put this here..

My Vegas trip, which I forgot that I had, but I guess better late than never..
I WAS disappointed because while I was there, most of my pix were deleted somehow and the pictures that I have shown are the ones that I took the 2nd part of the trip.

Here, I saw some of the water show at Bellagio as well as going to a chocolate/crepe store, which also holds the BIGGEST chocolate fountain ever! ...and the desserts taste JUST as good as they look! ...and.. DO NOT be fooled at how little that duo chocolate cake looked like.. my brother and I couldn't even finish it because it was sooo rich.

(Pix here)

On this trip I also did do a lot of shopping in the Caesar's Palace Forum, sadly those pictures got erased... but I saw a huge fish aquarium there, which was really nice... and they have a butt load of shops there too! ...INCLUDING MAC =] I did manage to go there and grab me Bare Study Paint Pot and Ricepaper Eyeshadow. Another make up buy was the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale, where they had 75% off of their selected cosmetics. I did go a lil crazy here and made 2 trips. On the first trip there, I picked up 3 mosaic eyeshadows. Original price was $18, I got it for around $4.25?!?!? Pretty crazy... my mom did too, she bought a lot of the perfume/lotion packages.. hehehe. Let's see, the 2nd trip I wanted to get more of the mosiac packs, but they were ALL gone... all except 1, which I had to grab! ..And my mom also let me get 3 of those shadow liner thingys.

(Note: Include Pix Here)

Let's seee....
while there, I did manage to do a lot of reading, because I couldn't really sleep..

I'm currently reading Breaking Dawn, which is the 4th book of the Twilight series. So far, REALLY good!!! As of today, I'm around the 500 page.. and there's about 700 pages in the book. I believe this is the longest book of the series, but trust me.. even though it's long... it is SOOO worth it!

I believe that it for nowww...
This trip was just another family one.. shopping, eating, walking, touring.

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